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Balance and sitting aids

We have a range of products for sitting including sitting wedges, balance discs, peanut rolls and child sized gym balls.  These help kids learn to sit upright with an activated core, and work postural muscles to improve endurance and strength. Some children struggle to keep their postural muscles turned on while sitting still, so having a sitting wedge allows some movement while maintaining good posture. The wedge also helps tilts the child’s pelvis to ensure back is straight and activated.
Doing some exercises on a gym ball, or standing on a balance disc helps improve postural reactions, body awareness and balance. However it is important that gym balls are correctly sized and when sitting on a gym ball your feet should reach the ground and be able to firmly support your weight. 
If you would like to practice balance activities at home or would like to start using gym balls in place of regular chairs and are looking for the right size ball, and a base to keep it steady we can help select the right product.
Balance and Sitting Aids

Sensory fidgets and oral motor tools

Use of fidget tools can help kids to maintain better posture and concentrate on the activities they are meant to be doing. We have a range of fidget options available to trial and purchase to help kids with focus. Check out the blog post about fidget toys to get more information around selecting the right fidget for your child. 
We also stock a range of blow toys and whistles (including silent whistles). Blowing activities help improve breathe control, lung capacity and deep breathing, which in turn supports speech by allowing more air to be available for longer sentences. Blowing can help to regulate emotions and calm children by encouraging deep, slow breaths. Blowing through resistance whistles can even support core strength and posture! 
Remember: if you can’t breathe, you can’t function.
We also stock a range of chewigem chewable jewellery that can be worn as brackets or necklaces and are rated for moderate to extreme biters. Biting and chewing helps regulate some children’s sensory systems and if your child is biting nails, pencils or their shirts we may be able to transition to chewing on a more appropriate, washable jewellery option.

Greeper shoe laces

Greepers “Once applied, never untied” are available to take the pressure off learning to tie your shoes! Great for kids who have outgrown other options like Velcro, or who need more support than Velcro can provide. 
Greepers work like regular laces, but instead of being tied they are loosened via a pull toggle, and tightened by pulling the loops. This eliminates the risk of tripping on shoe laces and lets kids develop independence with dressing even if they don’t yet have the skills to tie or untie shoe laces. Greepers are used by many athletes to avoid undone laces during races and speed up triathlon transitions. They are available in a range of fun colours, black and white as well as round sports style or black flat fashion style.